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Building Futures

The Warsaw House Foundation’s mission is to protect LGBTQ+ youth in Poland from the harms of homelessness and refugeehood, social and economic exclusion, and empower them with tools needed for a safe and independent future. 

This is POLAND

For the 4th Year in a Row, Poland was ranked as the worst country in the EU for LGBTQ+ rights and safety by ILGA Europe.


We are a home, a safe haven, a place for psychological and physical healing as well as an education center that offers job readiness training.

We are already housing and supporting homeless and refugee LGBTQ+ youth in Warsaw, while simultaneously organizing support groups and workshops.



We are proud that The Warsaw House Foundation’s partner and co-founder is the Ali Forney Center in New York City, which is the largest and most comprehensive program in the United States focused on helping homeless LGBTQ+ youth.


Founded by Warsaw House Foundation Board Member,
Dr Joanna Kubicka, Smart Life Clinic is a unique place in Warsaw that offers holistic medical care in the areas of sexual, physical and mental health. The clinic focuses on modern methods of preventative care and treatment of STDs, civilization and metabolic diseases, mental health issues, substance abuse and addiction counseling. 


We’re part of a coalition of 3 Polish organizations: The Warsaw House Foundation, Feminoteka & Zamieszkani that are sharing resources, a 500sqm/ 5381.96 sq feet residential and work center in Warsaw, and supporting one another in our often overlapping missions.

The center is partially ready and in use and partially still being renovated. We’re raising funds to continue the renovation so we can help and house more LGBTQ+ youth.

We rely on your support to make this a reality!

Please help us finance our activities.

Your or your company’s support, will help us protect 
LGBTQ+ young people from the harms of homelessness