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Individual attention and a place to stay

Each young person, (ages 18-29) who comes to the Warsaw House will be assigned a case manager who will monitor their physical and mental health as well as their path to independent living.

The length of stay at the Warsaw House will be up to 12 months. The exact time may be adjusted based on each person’s individual needs and circumstances. Our working and meeting space is already in use.

The residential part is still being renovated – we are raising funds to speed up this process.

16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence

The WHF organized four events for the Global Campaign of Activism Against Gender Based Violence (December 2022) in cooperation with the UNHCR and with support from Equaversity Fundation.

They were on: Safety and Security, Sexual Health, Trans/non-binary Clothing Giveaway and Strength training/intro to Self Defense. We plan to continue organizing each of these events in 2023

We plan to continue organizing each of these events in 2023

Medical support and testing

STD/STI testing, counseling, including information on preventative care.

Substance Abuse and addiction counseling will be available through our partner, Smart Life Clinic.

Art Therapy
talent development

Art therapy will be an important part of our program. We will offer group art therapy sessions and more complex group projects in theater, painting/drawing, music, video making and writing.

English education and career support

English classes taught by native speakers will be available at the Warsaw House and a bi-lingual (Polish-English) environment will be encouraged. Our goal is for every young person who comes to the Warsaw House to leave speaking English with at least elementary, but ideally professional working proficiency.

The Warsaw House will assist the young people in finding LGBTQ friendly employment. We will cooperate with organizations that lead job readiness and independent living training programs. We will also encourage and assist the young people without a high school diploma/ college degree to enroll in school.

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